Probate Real Estate

Almost half the houses we buy are purchased from Personal Representatives of Estates.  Get this: many Personal Representatives are led to believe a real estate appraisal is required to sell the house; it’s actually rare to need an appraisal.  Ask us about this special technique that saves time and money, and we’ll be glad to share  (or we’ll advise you of how to ask the Register of Wills office).

The fact that we’ve purchased so many properties from Personal Reps in the last 15 years is evidence that we take care of PRs’ needs by offering them a reliable and time-saving property purchasing option.

Remember, we’ll purchase the real estate in it’s “as is” condition (most times the uglier the condition the better). Leave as much or as little contents in the property–we want to make it as convenient as possible for those involved.

Finally, we can settle by email; you don’t have to be in Maryland to sell the property!!  If it is more convenient for you, we can have the settlement attorney send your documents to sign by email.  Return the documents with pre-paid overnight envelope and get the proceeds check returned to you within a few days.  Or, have the title company wire the funds directly to a bank account.  How can it be easier than that?